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design agency
The designer team started working together in 2018, while at university. Their work and friendship are based on mutual inspiration. Leon likes to work instinctively and out of passion for people, never losing sight of technical execution and aesthetic standards. Teresa inspires the team with her eye for trends and her interest in social issues. She sees her focus in conception, texting and creative direction.
Who we are
We are storytellers and aesthetes who love the smell of paper, photo labs and the sound of cutting.
In the world of Type Type Hype there is no right or wrong. What matters for us is: Does it touch us emotionally? Does the design have a deeper impact? Does it inspire others?
How we work
We work instinctively with a goal of provoking aesthetic coincidences that cannot be planned, but instead allow involvement and an opportunity for playfulness.
z Design as a process, the path is the goal. z
‌Design as a process, the path is rather the goal...
For us, a trained eye combined with an emotional understanding of aesthetics are of great importance, much more than having the latest camera technology. With a unique aesthetic sensitivity, artistic vision and, most of all, a certain courage, it is possible to create magazine-ready glossy images even when using grandpa and grandma’s old dusty point and shoot cameras.
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Personal work
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